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Infant/Babies Program (4 months-12 months)

At Four 2 Four your precious ones are guaranteed to be in good hands as our highly-capable practitioners nourish your little one’s capacity for learning through activities that include enrichment programs such as sensorial activities, exploration fun, arts and crafts, music and movement, story-telling sessions, etc. Since the child’s grasping capability at this age is at its extreme, Arabic language is introduced through day-to-day verbal interactions and taken to the next level when they progress to the next age group. We ensure to have a high staffing ratio and continuity of care throughout for the very young.


Toddler Program (12 months - 27 months)

Four 2 Four has created a program for Toddlers, which recognizes that children undergo rapid development during their first two years. Toddlers are naturally endowed with boundless curiosity and energy that need to be satisfied through discovery and exploration.


Our multi-sensory approach to learning seeks to empower your children with age- appropriate experiences and interactions that will enable them to construct knowledge through investigation, story and play. This approach will improve their coordination or motor skills, verbal or language skills and other basic foundation skills that will help them successfully transition to higher levels of challenges, such as problem solving.


Pre-Schoolers Program (27 months – 36 months)

Four 2 Four program for Pre-school children recognizes the growing independence and natural curiosity of kids under this age group. The program is designed to motivate learning and build their confidence in preparation for preschool. Kids at this age are actively discovering the world around them. Our creative lesson plans combine play and age-appropriate activities that are aimed at expanding their vocabulary, building their confidence and encouraging exploration or self-discovery. To develop their cognitive and physical skills, kids get to enjoy a wide range of activities such as music, arts and crafts, ICT, story telling and the fundamentals of early education. An approach such as this will help introduce kids to letters, numbers and other preschool concepts.


Foundation Stage Program (36 months – 48 months)

The Four 2 Four Foundation Stage program aims to equip children with all the skills they will need, both educationally and socially, to progress smoothly and successfully to the primary school of their parents’ choice. The programme builds on children’s ever increasing vocabulary and grammar skills, their literacy and numeracy skills and their personal social and emotional development with carefully planned, varied and interactive activities that build on their earlier learning and development.


All these activities are carried out in a fun and enjoyable manner so that children are learning through play, are encouraged to continue to explore their abilities and take an active part in their learning journey. In terms of language development the children are given maximum opportunity to experience a rich language environment in both English and Arabic. This develops their confidence in expressing themselves and to be able to both speak and actively listen in a variety of situations.


Please feel free to speak to any of the Four 2 Four Management Team if you have any queries about our programmes and how we can best support your child on their learning journey.