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Welcome to Four 2 Four Nursery

"Zee Learn has introduced Four 2 Four as the first venture in the Middle East. Zee Learn is one of the leading companies in Education in India with the fastest growing chain of K-12 schools and India’s No 1 chain of pre-schools in its portfolio."

At Four 2 Four, we strive to provide an integrated approach to learning for our “Sparklers” through varied child-initiated activities and programs. We treat every child as a precious individual and appreciate your trust in placing your child in our care. Our “Enlighteners” stimulate the power of imagination in children by enriching them with knowledge, experiences and skills to make way for new and exciting learning adventures.


I'd rather call you a home more than a nursery, because every morning when I send my child to you, I feel that he will be with his family, with people who care exactly as I would care of my own child. The gathering you made for mothers on mother’s day was so warm because it was made with obvious love
So, happy mother’s day for you too even for those of you who don’t have their own children yet, they are already great mothers. Thanks for every one of you especially for Miss Lesli.
I am very lucky to have you sweet ladies. Here in my neighbourhood.


Although we haven’t know each other for a long time, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I want to let you know, how much I appreciate keeping my daughter safe and happy and I hope that we will continue to work together in the times that follow!
Out of all the nurseries we saw, Four 2 Four offered the one thing we looked for : attention for our child. I as parent felt confident that my child is in a safe and loving environment from the moment I took her home for the trial session.
You have earned me as a client and I hope to see Ema growing with the help of your team.
With thanks and best regards,


TThe staff sight from Lesli to Pia to Audrey and the rest of them too are all so evolved with all the children and gives each of them personalized care and attention which I have seen first-hand every time I visit the nursery. You can make out that this is more than just a job to them and can actually see that they love and care for all the kids and enjoy what they do every day.
Below are a few reasons we chose Four 2 Four:
- No more than 10 kids per class ensures move personalized care for my child.
- The notebook with details of activities and his schedule for each day.
- The study plan which is emailed to me.
- I can call the nursery anytime to check on my child of his care given can update me on him.
- Most importantly the staff is very loving and caring.